Covering Wizards Unite and all things Harry Potter! Email me at animagustv@gmail.com OR hit me up on Twitter @imAnimagus An Animagus is a witch or wizard who is capable of transforming himself - or herself - into the form of an animal. Background. Ordinary Transfiguration of a human into an animal's shape results in the human having an animal's brain (although Draco Malfoy's experience in GF13 is worth considering since he was apparently able to retain enough of his faculties to try to reach the. Your Animagus is the animal you would transform into and back again. The Harry Potter books indicate that you have no control over the spell results. So, your form could be a dog, frog, hawk, insect, or any other creature. Note that the Animagi Quiz differs from a Patronus Test. The latter reveals your guardian animal, whereas the former. 1) At Hogwarts, students learn about Animagus forms in their third year of Transfiguration class. 2) At the Uagadou School of Magic in Africa, students can become Animagi at the age of only 14 years old. It was also revealed that students from the school were able to turn into elephants and cheetahs. 3) J.K Rowling revealed during an interview.

The Animagus Spell (Amato Animo Animato Animagus) was a transfiguration spell used in the process of becoming an Animagus. While the incantation was necessary for the process, it was not all that was needed to become an Animagus, with the full process requiring proficient skills in transfiguration and potions, and also a remarkable amount of patience. The incantation had to be recited at. An Animagus may seem the perfect disguise, but once you descend into your animal-self, there may be a distinguishing feature about you that stays. For example, Rita Skeeter's beetle has little glasses-markings around the eyes, and in the famous case of Wormtail, both he and 'Scabbers' were missing a finger The Animagus Quiz. Written by The Wizarding World Team. Published on Mar 16th 2020. B ecoming. Becoming. an Animagus is a long and dangerous process. How much do you remember about the Animagi scampering through the Harry Potter stories? Close. Written by The Wizarding World Team Your Animagus Form is an Ursine! You have transformed into a huge and lumbering ursine beast - possibly as an enigmatic polar bear, an implacably strong grizzly bear, or even a tranquil panda bear. An ursine Animagus is a testament to your strong and resolute character and the love for simple and meaningful living If You Were In The Harry Potter Universe, Here's What Your Animagus Would Be. Your answers to these five questions will actually reveal a LOT about you. by SpaceCowboy. Community Contributor

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Ein Animagus ist eine magische Person, die sich in ein Tier verwandeln kann. Sie nimmt immer dieselbe Tiergestalt an. Zu welchem Tier sie werden kann, hängt von ihrer Persönlichkeit ab und ist nicht frei wählbar. Laut einer Chataussage der Autorin beeinflusst der Charakter einer Person, in welche Tiergestalt sie sich als Animagus verwandelt (Chataussage vom 19. OKtober 2000). Das Wort. An Animagus (pl. Animagi) was a witch or wizard who could transform themselves into an animal and back again at will. It was a learned skill, unlike the hereditary skill of a Metamorphmagus. Information on Animagi was taught to Hogwarts students during their third year Transfiguration class. An Animagus Registry existed to keep track of those that had learned to transform in this way. It took.

An Animagus (pl. Animagi) is a witch or wizard who can morph him or herself into a specific animal at will. It is a learned, rather than hereditary, skill, unlike those of a Metamorphmagus. All animagi take the same form as their Patronus. The difference between mere Transfiguration and the Animagus Transformation ability is that an Animagus can change into an animal whenever they want. An Animagus (pl. Animagi) is a witch or wizard who can morph him or herself into an animal at will. It is a learned skill, unlike the hereditary skill of a Metamorphmagus. Information on Animagi is taught to Hogwarts students during their third year Transfiguration class. An Animagus registration exists to keep track of those that have learned this skill. It takes skill, practise, and patience. The animal an Animagus transforms into is chosen for them, and is closely tied to their personality. So because Wormtail was a sneaky coward, he transformed into a rat, whereas Sirius was loyal and fierce, which is why he got a dog. Most people confuse Animagus forms with corporeal Patronuses What Is Your Animagus Form? Find out which animal you would morph into. by YY. Community Contributor. 69,170 points

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Az animágus olyan varázsló a Harry Potter történetekben, aki fel tudja venni egy bizonyos állat formáját. Nem kötelezheti semmi az alak felvételére, azt tetszőlegesen használja. Szemben a könyvekben szereplő legtöbb varázslattal, az animágusok átalakulásához nem szükséges varázspálca. A vérfarkas -kórral ellentétben. Please watch: The Life Of Marius de Romanus (Vampire Chronicles) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCQgGPNgzag --~--You'd think that having the magical abili..

An Animagus (pl. Animagi) is a witch or wizard who can transform themselves into an animal and back again at will. It is a learned skill, unlike the hereditary skill of a Metamorphmagus. Information on Animagi is taught to Hogwarts students during their third year Transfiguration class. Animagus registration exists to keep track of those that have learned this skill. It takes skill, practice. An Animagus (pl. Animagi) is a witch or wizard who can morph him- or herself into an animal at will. It is a learned, rather than hereditary skill, unlike those of a Metamorphmagus. Information on Animagi is taught to Hogwarts students during their third year Transfiguration class The latest tweets from @AnimagusP

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****Unexpected Animagus**** Hermione Granger watched her best friend, Harry Potter, pace back and forth in the large tent the Tri-Wizard champions were waiting in prior to the first task. She was watching him with a new appreciation after she had a talk with his godfather, Sirius Black, the night before Animagus by VCTRE, released 29 January 2019 1. Animagus 2. Broken Horizon 3. Only One 4. Pop Socket 5. Schmuck VCTRE sets a high bar amongst the incoming generation of producers with his latest release, Animagus. A fast-rising star in the world of underground music, his production prowess and musical output display a forward-thinking attitude in pushing the boundaries of contemporary. Animagus - Art & Design, Cluj-Napoca. 15,542 likes · 539 talking about this. We love to make your pets special! : Sirius was an animagus and was able to transform into a big black dog, (a Grim) which is an omen of death, at will. He, along with James Potter and Peter Pettigrew became Animagus to help Remus Lupin with his transformations. 12 Grimmauld Place was gifted to Harry Potter, Sirius' godson

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A spell is required to Transfiguring whereas becoming an Animagus is forever. P.S. Viktor Krum can transfigure his head into a shark's, like he does in Goblet of Fire, that doesn't mean he is an Animagus. You cannot choose your Animagus animal & an animagus is closely linked to your personality. Animagus also have the ability to communicate. In the Harry Potter books and movies, we saw that some wizards and witches could change their appearance to animals very fast. The process involves a lot of practice and daily incantations before you get the ability. If you could transform, which Animagus would you be? Take this Animagus quiz: what is my Animagus? test and find out What is Your Animagus? - Quiz. Animagus Form: the animal you turn into when you are an animagus. Animagus: wizard or witch who can turn into animals at will. Published March 25, 2018 · Updated March 25, 2018 Animagus Fanfiction. Harry had to escape. With his newly found friend and soon to be sister, the two use accidental magic to become cats. They escape together and end up being taken in by Minerva McGonagall and, surprisingly, Severus Snape. They spent the rest of their.. The latest Tweets from Abigail the Animagus (@AnimagusA). Just a young witch trying to do as much as she can in the world of witchcraft and wizardry! ‍♀

J.K罗琳女士把拉丁词magus(巫师)加在英语单词animal(动物)上,就创造出了Animagus(阿尼马格斯)这个词。该词出自魔幻小说《哈利·波特》中,指自身能够变成某种动物,同时又保留自身魔法法力的巫师 Holiday House Ornaments. Regular price. $95.00. Choose a house. All 4 houses! Red Green Blue Yellow. All 4 houses! - $95.00 USD Red - $25.00 USD Green - $25.00 USD Blue - $25.00 USD Yellow - $25.00 USD. Add to Cart Q. A new Animagus SHOULD...-Have an Animagus party!- Register with the Minsitry. - Keep their identity a secret. Q. What kind of moth did we use? - A Skull-Head Owl Moth. - A Death's-Head Hawk Moth.-A Death's-Head Chrysalis Moth.Q. How long did you keep the leaf in your mouth?-Until there's a lighting storm.- For the rest of your life. - For 30 very long days Your Animagus will always be an animal or an insect; think of Sirius Black, who turned into an enormous black dog. This isn't transfiguration — you don't get to select your Animagus. Instead, you'll transform into the creature that's most closely aligned with who you are as a person and a magical being

Hitman 3 is a 2021 stealth game developed and published by IO Interactive. It is the sequel to the 2018 video game Hitman 2, the eighth main installment in t.. An Animagus (pl. Animagi) was a witch and wizard who could transform into an animal and back again at will. Their appearance in Animagus form had a few distinctive markings and further similarities to their human appearance, e.g. Minerva McGonagall's tabby cat had spectacle markings around her eyes, and Peter Pettigrew's rat was missing a toe because he had severed a finger. If a witch/wizard. HOGWARTS MYSTERY WALKTHROUGH. Menu. play gobstones with. talbott winger. Codes. Green is the best answer. ( italics+underlined) Yellow is the second-best answer. ( italics) Red is the worst answer. DISTRACT TALBOTT TO WIN AT GOBSTONES

Rita Skeeter may look like a ditzy blonde, but underneath her curls, she may in fact be an unusually talented witch. Features / The Daily Prophet. August 25, 2015. by MuggleNet · Published August 25, 2015 · Last modified October 18, 2017 Rita Skeeter is a minor antagonist in the world of Harry Potter. A notorious journalist specializing in slander and defamation, Rita is actually a legitimate criminal (albeit unknown) due to the fact that she is an unregistered Animagus, which is illegal. Using her animal form of a beetle, she.. Forme animagus di alcuni personaggi di Harry Potter. Come già sapete, c'erano alcuni maghi ribelli che facevano sempre del male, uno di loro era essere Animagus senza previo permesso e altri che invece seguivano le regole imposte dal Ministero Which Animagus Are You? If you're a huge Harry Potter fan, then animagus is definitely in your vocab, right alongside Wingardium Leviosa! and Expelliarmus! If you've ever speculated about which animagus you are (or you've just begun to wonder!) try this test and find out now

Animagus quiz. 10 Questions - Developed by: Megan - Developed on: 2015-08-17 - 4,052 taken. Ever wondered what your animagus was while reading Harry Potter? Just take this quiz to find out Harry keeps examining his hands on the edge of his bed. The bedroom was empty, it was lunchtime, and despite the warmth of the sun streaming through the red velvet corsets and the roaring sounds of his stomach, Harry couldn't find the strength to face the pitying stares from his friends. Another death on his shoulders Animagus formunda alınan yaralar ve uzuv kopmaları insan formunuzda da geçerliliğini sürdürecektir. Hamile bir cadının animagusu da hamile olarak gözükebileceği gibi, doğum yapma ve animagus formunda çiftleşme durumları pek etik olarak karşılanmaz. Animagus formu kayıtlı ve kayıtsız olmak üzere ikiye ayrılır

In the Harry Potter books, we're told that becoming an Animagus is extremely difficult to pull off, but the story never has time to go into any detail about how a witch or wizard can actually. After spending the rest of the school year working on becoming an Animagus Harry feels he is close, but before he died Sirius had warned him against practicing by himself. Harry Potter, K, English, Humor, chapters: 4, words: 11k+, favs: 89, follows: 40, Aug 8, 2017, Harry P., Remus L., Ginny W

Follow Animagus Eats on WordPress.com Instagram Happy 2022 Wishing each of you a very healthy and happy new year January also means that it's time for Veganuary Let's start the year by celebrating Mother NatureI encourage each of you to follow a plant-based lifestyle this month:) A small step by even one person can make a huge. Animal Animagus Sirius Black Remus Lupin Werewolf Moon Magic 70s Peter Pettigrew Wizards Hogwarts. There's Padfoot, Prongs, there's Moony, and Wormtail-- what about you? Take the quiz to see what you're Marauder name is! Girls only! (i'm marauders trash so i made another quiz-- enjoy!) Add to library 12 Discussion 13

Said cauldron contained the Animagus Transformation Potion, which would force the drinker to transform into their animal form. It was a dangerous potion to take, but much quicker than spending several months silently meditating and focusing on visualizing and transforming into the other form Un Animagus è un mago o una strega che può trasformare se stesso in uno specifico animale senza l'ausilio di un incantesimo o della bacchetta. A differenza di ciò che accade con il Metamorfomagus, tale abilità non è ereditaria. Solo stregoni molto potenti e qualificati sono in grado di diventare Animagi. Il processo è lungo, arduo e non privo di ris

Spend A Day At Hogwarts And We'll Reveal Your Animagus. by Michelle_Sanders. - on Aug 01st. in Movies and TV. Since book one of the Harry Potter series, we've been completely enraptured with the wizarding world. The spells, the enchantments, the curses, the hexes—heck, just the magic of it all! It's just too much to resist Animagus Studios, Singapore. 1,268 likes · 24 talking about this. Animagus Studios is a costume making company in Singapore. Specialising in animal costumes made custom to order. This is a page.. The World of The Accidental Animagus by White_Squirrel. A series of one-shots in the Animagus-Verse showing the state of the magical world at the time of Voldemort's return. Some brace for war, while for others, life goes on. A bridge between The Accidental Animagus and Animagus at War Harry has an Animagus form, Severus said. If we think we can wait until dusk, which should be only another hour or so, he can transform and get to the Gate and call for help. What is an Animagus? Ronon asked. I can turn into an animal shape, Harry said. I'll look like an animal and, while I have some animalistic instincts, I'm still me REQUIREMENTS You have to be a 5th Year student or above to apply for Animagus. At this time, iNPCs cannot apply to learn this spell. This might be changed in the future, once we have a stable population of 5th Year students and can assess the scope of the moderation effort that handling these applications will put on the staff team. ABOUT YOUR APPLICATION Your Animagus has be an animal (humans.

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Become an Animagus. Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough section for Become an Animagus Adventure. This adventure is available for students of Year 3 and above, and during it, you will get the opportunity to become an Animagus. You will also meet an interesting Ravenclaw student named Talbott Winger, and you'll get the chance to learn. Want to discover art related to animagus? Check out amazing animagus artwork on DeviantArt. Get inspired by our community of talented artists So to start out the quest you meet a Ravenclaw student Talbott Winger, who is an unregistered animagus. You learn that the process to become an animagus is quite a long and complex process. Including keeping a mandrake leaf in your mouth for an entire month and collecting dew that has been undisturbed for a week in complete darkness

which animagus are you !? Quiz introduction in this quiz you will find out your animagus ! this quiz was created by @lqvestories on twitter, follow me ! im not sure who made the fan art, sorry, but it is not mine, and i do not take credit for it ! i simply found it one google . if you know who made it, dm me who! this was made all in good fun. Just recently, Jam City added the Animagus event to Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, giving fans the chance to actually transform into an animal in the game.Now that players are finishing the. Animagus 'An Animagus is a wizard who elects to turn into an animal.' An Animagus (pl. Animagi) is a witch or wizard who can morph him or herself into an animal at will. It is a learned skill, unlike the hereditary skill of a Metamorphmagus. Information on Animagi is taught to Hogwarts students during their third year Transfiguration class An Animagus (portmanteau of animal and magus) is a witch or wizard who can turn into a particular animal or magical creature at will. This ability is not innate: it must be acquired by magical means. All Animagi must register at a central authority by law,.

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Animagus means going beyond just being there to being IN there. There is bonding and communication with each beast that requires commitment, compassion and understanding. I speak dog & cat fluently. Let me know if you need a translator! Animal care with compassion, nurturing, and love in northern Chicago Peter, Regulus, and Animagus forms (S1E2) (Podcast Episode 2021) Parents Guide and Certifications from around the world Descubre en TikTok los videos cortos relacionados con rentheanimagus. Ve contenido popular de los siguientes autores: hayliann(@bookish.writing), H (@moonyjo), Arthur Finnigan (@arthurfinnigan), AL(@alinthepensieve), Lou (@lou.moony). Explora los videos más recientes de los siguientes hashtags: #animagus, #rentheguineapig, #theancientmagus, #animusthemagus, #theancientmagusbride Professor Snape As Animagus - by Louise Fecher. Although The Goblet of Fire is a series highlight for many of J.K. Rowling's fans, it was my least favorite of the Harry Potter books.Early on in the series, I was bitten by the Snape bug, and I was furious with the author for barely including him in GoF

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Harry Potter's took the form of a stag. This is the same form of his father's Animagus and Patronus. Harry was first able to conjure at the age of 13, which was seen as an impressive feat. A stag is a male deer and we got to see Harry use it several times during the series. Hermione Granger (Otter However, an Animagus may also have one or two of a witch or wizard's distinguishing features. For instance, the cat that Professor McGonagall turns into has markings around her eyes due to the spectacles that McGonagall wears in the books. The most famous identifying mark of any Animagus in the Harry Potter series is the missing toe on Scabber. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Achievement Progress 32 of 34. +27. 3,217 hrs on record. last played on Jan 17. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Dusty Veteran. 300 XP. Achievement Progress 138 of 167

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  1. This adorable tattoo illustrates another well-known Animagus from this series. Sirius Black was revealed to be an Animagus in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.Sirius was able to transform into a black dog, though this was an illegal Animagus, meaning there was no record that he possessed the ability to transform, which is how this wizard escaped from prison
  2. What Would Your Animagus Form Be? by Amy Hogan · Published August 12, 2015 · Updated July 4, 2016. Amy Hogan. I was 9 years old when I discovered the magic that is Harry Potter.. I am a proud Hufflepuff and exceedingly good at eating, reading, being sarcastic, and over-thinking small tasks
  3. Answer (1 of 3): It hasn't ever been said if it is possible, however, in HP canon, there are no magical creature animagi. There is nothing that says this is impossible, but all known animagi are regular animals. My personal headcanon says that witches and wizards are already a type of magical cr..
  4. Un Animagus garde ses vêtements, lunettes, etc. durant toute la métamorphose ; ils disparaissent quand l'Animagus prend sa forme animale mais réapparaissent lorsqu'il reprend forme humaine. Sirius , par exemple, quand il revint sous sa forme humaine pour un rendez-vous avec Harry , Ron et Hermione en dehors de Pré-au-Lard , avait.

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Animagus pentru noi inseamna shape shifting design...adica a transforma un obiect adesea banal, intr-unul misto, cu personalitate. Suntem o mica echipa de designeri + executanti care isi dau toata silinta pentru a livra calitate Messers Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs (featuring:___?) This quiz will tell you your animagus, your nickname, and even how you got it! Hope you enjoy :) (Warning: some of the names are feminine although I tried to make them as gender-neutral as possible Animagus 中国空间技术研究院杭州中心 算法工程师 我们学校的中国学联主席,一个东北汉子,我第一次踏入美国就是他来接机,在车上他和我聊天时就说: 我们这里有不学无术的富二代,也有睡在图书馆的学霸,有公民,有绿卡,有和你一样持F1签证的留学生

  1. Quale sarebbe la tua Casa a Hogwarts? Quale sarebbe il tuo Animagus? Quale sarebbe il tuo Patronus? Quale Animale Fantastico ti rappresenta
  2. What is your Harry Potter Animagus form? Feedback. Every day, someone wishes magic was real. In the world of Harry Potter, it is. A few magic words and a wave of a wand are all it takes to make things happen effortlessly. Some people, called Animagi, (singular is Animagus) can transform themselves into a certain animal instantly
  3. Do you have questions like, What is my Animagus form? Take this 20-question Harry Potter quiz to find your animal form. Includes the most famous Animagi types. What Is Your Animagus? Your Animagus is the animal you would transform into and back again. The Harry Potter books indicate that you have no control over the spell results. So.
  4. Which best describes you? Kind, gentle, loving. Social, fun, gossip-y. Cowardly, non-violent, sneaky. Fatherly/Motherly, caring, inspiring. Smart, witty, careful. If you and someone you knew (friend or enemy equally) were being chased by a wild magical animal, you would. save the both of you. save the both of you and write about your heroic tale
  5. Animagus sometimes pick up codenames/nick names after there transformation most noteably, people like Sirius Black and James Potter being Padfoot and Prongs. The staff are now asking that if you are/will be a animagus you must register your name below, if it is already taken then think of another please. Claim your name with the following code.
  6. Choose an Animagus form Deer Otter Swan Goat Drusilla Shakeshaft . Your name is Drusilla Shakeshaft! Sounds like you come from an old family, and you probably own a house elf! Octavia Delve. Your name is Octavia Delve! Sounds pretty magical, eh? Hercule Seafoam. You're Hercule Seafoam!.
  7. Quel est ton animagus ? créé par killateam le 24 Juin 2020, validé par jane99. Tests de personnalité. Rendez-vous sur la Voie 9 Éléments Animagus, loups-garous et métamorphomages. 7 questions - 1 963 joueurs. Découvre avec amusement quel serait ton animagus si tu étais dans ''Harry Potter''. 1

Posts about Savoury written by Animagus Eats. Happy 2022 Wishing each of you a very healthy and happy new year January also means that it's time for Veganuary Let's start the year by celebrating Mother NatureI encourage each of you to follow a plant-based lifestyle this month:) A small step by even one person can make a huge difference to the planet #Veganuary202 Animagus Club under Portkey Games and convince her to keep his secret and hidden surprises will finish task. Property of developers and/or publishers and are used by the BMG team for and! You his secret revealed, Talbott should be nice amazing bombshell of a Metamorphmagus - [ energy Cheats the McGonagall is a registered Animagus and can transform herself into a tabby cat at will. McGonagall was always held in high respect by her peers and students at Hogwarts and commanded a position second only to Dumbledore. She was notable for her sternness and dry sense of humour Minerva McGonagall's wand is 9 1/2″ long, made of fir, and had a dragon heartstring core.The wand is well suited to Transfiguration, proven by its owner, who was a teacher of the subject and an animagus. This wand was manufactured by Garrick Ollivander. The wand was very much like it's owner: elegant, refined and very powerful. Severus Snap

Peter spent over a decade as his Animagus, portraying the Weasley pet, Scabbers, until he was revealed by Sirius and Remus. Keeping Harry Potter safe was one of the main goals of the Marauders especially after James was killed. Remus held up his end of the bargain after becoming the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor Egalement je veux être animagus pour récupérer des informations et espionner des gens. Cela pourras rajouter pas mal de rp pour mon personnage. Mais également aussi car actuellement mon personnage est gérant de la spé inspecteur au ministère de la magie britannique et ce dernier aurais besoin d'être animagus pour mieux enseigner les.

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  1. Marlene's animagus is a fluffy silver tabby cat. She has an assortment of colors including: white, tan, brown, and black. She has green eyes and a slim face similar to her human form. She has a big fluffy tail that attracts a lot of attention. She is a pretty little kitty with stripes and pointed ears. Personality and Trait
  2. 註冊信息錯誤的Animagus 2.6万 播放 · 323 弹幕 明侦第二季2046衍生_【MG世界】第四章_【明侦版西部世界 | 群像科幻衍生】_【MG科技集團·仿生度假園區
  3. DC在逃Animagus (镜中的那场大雨) 2021-12-21 17:40:11. 啊 姐妹!我看到又有杯子了 你可以去瞅瞅有没有喜欢的! 啊 姐妹!.

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Test de personnalité Quel Animagus es-tu dans 'Harry Potter' ? : En quel animal pourrais-tu te transformer dans 'Harry Potter' ? - Q1: Quelle est ta matière moldue préférée ? Les maths, La conjugaison, Le sport, La chimie,.. How to unlock the Animagus achievement. Mattism 1,436,404. 22 Jul 2010 22 Jul 2010 09 Aug 2010. 37 0 5. You need to unlock all the characters with the little green footprint ability in the spot on. Patronus charm and animagus. disapparition and auror. mudblood and Room of Requirement. Advertisement. What is a boggart? an apparition in the form of the viewer's worst fear. a charm that takes the shape of a guardian animal. a wizard who can change into an animal.

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  1. La tua forma da animagus è lo scarabeo. Probabilmente non sei un tipo egocentrico, ma sei attento a ciò che ti circonda. Se devi spiare e seguire qualcuno o non farti notare è l'animale perfetto. Non dai fastidio e puoi infilarti ovunque. Un altro animagus con la tua forma era Rita Skeeter, non la migliore delle persone ma non si faceva.
  2. Zajmujemy się leczeniem i profilaktyką chorób zwierząt towarzyszących. Gabinet jest czynny dla... Jedności 32, 44-119 Gliwic
  3. Animagus. Animagus, bir büyücü yeteneğidir. Animagus olma yeteneğine sahip olan büyücüler, bir hayvan şeklini alabilirler. Animagus yeteneği olan büyücüler özellikle Sihir Bakanlığı tarafından kayıt altında tutulmaktadır. Ancak yasa dışı ve kolay başarılamayan bir büyü ile animagus olunabilmektedir

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